The Pan Doctor - The hammer for your steel

Building and tuning another D lead... with a rapt audience of pans.

Building a set of double seconds. #wilburkrebs #erynnkrebs

The Pan Doctor - I've got the hammer for your steel.

I've been tuning for over a decade and building steel drums for almost as long.  If it's just a note or two that are out or your whole drum needs tuned, I've got you covered.  No need to find yourself in a "pan emergency"!  I've got the tools and knowledge to nurse your steelpan back to good health. 

Please call or text (234) 244-7861 for more information and pricing or through our contact page



Wilbur explaining about the lead pan he built!

Just ground off all the residual paint from inside the bowl.

Fixing a "pan emergency".

Sinking and backing a D lead. Almost ready to cut and fire!

The man had a hammer...

Keeping the wife's pans in tune.