Erynn Krebs - Steel Drums

Welcome!   I'm Erynn Krebs, a professional musician from Northeast Ohio.  The steel pan is the food that feeds my soul.  This is my day job so rest assured I bring my passion and love of this very special instrument to every gig! 

Over the years I have been honored to be an integral part of countless weddings, receptions and cocktail hours, birthday/graduation/retirement/block parties (surprise!), corporate events, luaus, restaurants/bars, Christmas parties, concerts, libraries, farmer's markets, pool parties, clam bakes and more!  I play with or without backing tracks.  Equally at home playing acoustic or with a band as I am rocking it with backing tracks.  I have over 11 hours of diverse tracks so I guarantee a little something for everyone.  I can bring the party or the laid back island vibe or both!  The choice is yours!  Have pans, will travel!   

Serenading the sunset...

Serenading the sunset...

Nautica Queen - Lake Erie

Nautica Queen - Lake Erie

Contact me (call or text) for booking or with questions at (234) 248-9082 or  Dates fill up fast for summer, especially weekends, so don't hesitate to call or e-mail.  I can also put together a duo, trio, quartet and beyond to suit your needs!  Public events schedule is on the Home Page.  I also play many private events throughout the year but I do not put them on the schedule.

You can also find on the booking platform: Gigsalad!

Or playing bass and steel pan in the Dog Friendly Band.

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Below are a few photos and video snippets. Me in a nutshell.  Enjoy!

My husband actually builds and tunes steel drums (yes, from actual 55 gallon oil barrels!) so I can help demystify the highly skilled process of sinking and building a pan down to the incredible intricacies of tuning the drum. 

We are so very honored to be inspired by the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago, the steel pan!  It has a rich and fascinating history from the 30's and 40's until today.  From its deep roots in Africa to tamboo bamboo bands and biscuit tins to Winston "Spree" Simon and the crucial innovations of Ellie Mannette, Anthony Williams and Bertie Marshall to the proliferation of the modern steelbands we have today!  Once this marvelous instrument grabs hold of your soul, there's no looking back!  

The double seconds make my heart sing! 

Let ME let YOU fall in love with the steel pan too!!